Salam Moussa Oghli, ELICOS Teacher

Hello everyone!

My name is Salam and I am your General English Teacher at Salisbury College Australia. Welcome to the SCA family! It is our pleasure to have you among our highly qualified team. It is very exciting to be a part of your wonderful English language learning journey where we will enjoy watching you grow and succeed.

I owe my teaching career to all the inspirational teachers and mentors including my mother who showed me the great value and power of teaching, educating and learning. My teaching journey started with the visually impaired university students in Syria in 2011 where I learned from my peers and students how to provide the learner generous support and encouragement. Shortly after that, I was fortunate to become a language facilitator at one of the best institutes in Syria where I improved a lot of teaching skills to all levels of students for two years. Moving to Lebanon for a year was an enjoyable experience because I taught at the Russian Cultural Centre for a year and I met students from different backgrounds.

Even though I have over 5 years of teaching experience, my academic achievements have been crucial to enrich and refine my teaching methods and skills. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature in which I learned to analyze all the parts of language, their meaning and connotation. I have also studied TESOL and I am on my way to finish a master’s degree in the Linguistics department at Macquarie university.

Learning English is extremely important because it is the window to global and international success and communication. Once you master the language, you elevate yourself to unlimited work prospects around the world and you connect with people who come from different backgrounds. These opportunities, consequently, expand and enrich your world experiences and perspectives and help you reach your full potentials.

The most important thing in life is to have faith in yourselves because by doing so, you can achieve all your dreams and desires. Salisbury has great faith in you, and we will always be there to support you. So, come on and take a confident step to your success!

Yours sincerely,

Salam Moussa Oghli
ELICOS Teacher