Asif Rahman, ELICOS Teacher

Hello Students!

My name is Asif Rahman and I am your English Language Trainer at Salisbury College Australia. I would like to thank you for taking this very important journey with us, here at Salisbury College, Australia. Congratulations. I will be your facilitator. I will guide and support you at every step to achieve your expected learning goal.

I am a qualified TESOL teacher with specialization in adult language learning. TESOL means Teaching English for Speakers of Other Language. As part of my qualification, I was placed at MTC (Migrant Training Centre) for Internship where I helped improve students’ communicative competency as majority of them were job seekers. I have also tutored two separate groups of students at the University of Western Sydney. Prior to that, I have taught university level students overseas for two and a half years where I taught general English, academic English and IELTS. I also have 15 years of Australian industry experience in retail and customer service. Currently I am working as a state government employee for the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

I believe language learning is an ongoing process and it only improves through practice and participation. Education transforms life. It gives you perspective and enhances your competency. It is therefore important for you to engage and actively participate in the classroom. This is also the vision of this college, getting students “engaged and actively learning”

“Education is a success only if the knowledge gained is utilized in the society. Mistakes should be viewed as opportunities to improve learning.” – Author : Asif Rahman


Asif Rahman

ELICOS teacher