Fazla Rabby, VET Trainer

Hello Students!

My name is Fazla Rabby and I am your VET Trainer at Salisbury College Australia. Firstly, Congratulations on your selection to the program! You are part of a talented and diverse cohort of outstanding individuals at the Salisbury College ready to develop, practice and apply new leadership skills and hopes our experience will prepare you to take risks, disrupt old patterns and make paths for new ways of thinking, doing and leading.

Teaching has been a major part of my life since 2000. Since then, I have held several more formal teaching positions at University and Private Colleges as part of my academic appointments. I have taught courses at different level in Information Technologies, Marketing and Business.

I have worked with many organisation’s in top management position and I have also worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of companies. I work diligently to provide excellence in all my professional endeavors and have earned a reputation of integrity, initiative and results-driven work ethic.

There are many fields in which I could accomplish my goal but I feel that education is the one in which I can have the greatest impact. Every day, students around the world are being told that they aren’t good enough, or that they just “can’t”. As a teacher, I feel I have a positive platform from which to dispel that fallacy. I realize that teaching is a profession that can be supremely exhausting, but I know in my heart that the benefits outweigh the fatigue ten times over. Teaching requires patience, understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm – all things that I am more than willing to provide on a daily basis. I have a keen interest in making learning active and fun! I am very excited to be a part of the unique culture that Salisbury College offers.



Fazla Rabby
Vocational Trainer & Assessor