Jim Boga, ELICOS Teacher

Hello everyone!

My name is Jim Boga and I am your General English Teacher at Salisbury College Australia. You have chosen a great college to learn and study English, not only to learn inside the classroom, but also outside of it. I will ensure to make our lessons interactive, entertaining and memorable.

I graduated from Macquarie University in April 2017 earning a Bachelor of Arts in International Law and Global Governance. I have a keen interest in understanding current and international affairs as well as analysing how things work. After support and encouragement from my father who was also a teacher, I decided to do a Diploma of TESOL at TEACH International which was the same college my father completed his course.

I finished my practical placement for General English here at Salisbury College, then I volunteered to assist the other teachers at the college in order for me to develop and improve my own teaching style. I have also completed a practical placement for Business English and Academic English as part of my course at North Sydney English College & Lloyds International College. After this, I fell in love with teaching and have surprisingly excelled at it. I have previously worked at UNICEF, our family travel business, Amnesty International and The Smith Family which allowed me to develop my passion to help people in need.

Learning English is extremely important because it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It would give you opportunities to have an understanding of other cultures around the world and would be beneficial for your career.

To all students who are starting to learn English I was just like you when I was learning Turkish in Turkey and would be happy to guide you on your exciting journey. “It is when you have spent a significant amount of time in another country that you begin to change your perspective on certain things. Without hard work and effort, there is no great reward”. – Jim Boga

Yours sincerely

Jim Boga
Elicos Teacher