John Gintowt, ELICOS Teacher

Hello Students!

My name is Dr John Gintowt and I am your General English Teacher at Salisbury College Australia. Congratulations on your decision to join us. Unlike many other schools in Sydney, we have the latest, fastest computers, great teachers and are developing our very own, Australian textbooks. I am sure that you’ll make many friends while you are with us. You’ll find your teachers friendly, funny and entertaining.

Like you, I learned English as a second language by went on to be awarded multiple degrees, with the pinnacle being a Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing. This last degree is important to my role as your teacher because it focused on my many years of mentoring and teaching aspiring authors to write. You’re in very good hands. Incidentally, my other degrees are in history, political science, research and writing for the media. Of course, I also have Cambridge University CELTA.

Before coming here, to Salisbury College Australia, I was a speechwriter for a succession of government ministers and even watched my speeches being read by several NSW Premiers in the NSW Parliament. I am an award-winning feature writer who has seen his work published as front-page news, in national magazines. And, importantly, I have heard my stories being read on-air.

I believe that lessons need to be informative and entertaining. We’re going to have fun. I have also helped to write more than 20 published books and am determined to make you equally successful.

Learning English is extremely important because it will open many doors for you. It will open the doors to new jobs and new friends. Besides, all study changes us. It makes us better, more successful people. It will put you in control of your life.

My personal motto? Never be a victim. Take control and make the most of your life.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Gintowt
ELICOS Teacher