Joumana Naja, ELICOS Teacher

Hello Students!

My name is Joumana Naja and I am your English Language Trainer at Salisbury College Australia. Firstly, allow me to congratulate you on deciding to take on a significantly challenging endeavour in your life. It is my role to support and guide you in achieving each learning goal during your study plan.

I have over 18 years’ experience in teaching English to second language learners. In fact, I have been involved in teaching English at a number of well-known tertiary and private colleges. In my tertiary teaching, I taught Academic English Direct Entry Programmes and General English Programmes. During my experience at private colleges, I have designed Academic and General English Programmes. My teaching experience has been both overseas and locally. I have taught English to both International and domestic students.

I believe that it remains a right for every human being to receive education and learning support. Education is the key to growth and to becoming a functional human in any social setting. It is particularly vital that every student be granted the opportunity to be intellectually challenged to demonstrate his or her communicative abilities. I am passionate about assisting you in your academic journey. I am aware that there are ups and downs in life, however I remain privileged to be your support and assistance.

“It is our mistakes that grant us the opportunities of evolvement, improvement and achievement of target goals” – Author: Joumana Naja


Joumana Naja
ELICOS Teacher