Robert Boni, ELICOS Teacher

My name is Robert Boni. I’m a native speaker of Australian English with a degree and postgraduate qualifications in language and literacy.

I have been an English teacher since 1980. My teaching experience includes helping many students from different countries in Europe, Asia, S America, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

I have helped student to live and find work in Sydney. My service has informed students about accommodation, transport, employment and medical services in Sydney. I’ve taught conversation skills that will help you have a conversation with Australians. You can choose to do higher level studies and I’ve specialised in preparing students for further education at college and university levels.

I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to learn and graduate with an Australian qualification at Salisbury college.

Your studies will reward you with many opportunities to get your favorite job not just in your home country but around the world. English language is an international language of business and technology. It will be very useful lifelong asset.

I wish you have an exciting and rewarding time in Sydney Australia.


Robert Boni
ELICOS Teacher